Day 14: Graduation

Congratulations! You’ve finished the course!

This course was free, but if you got anything out of it, we’d be very grateful for some very quick feedback:

A very brief survey for RYC graduates

Here’s a list of links to all the lessons you completed:

  1. Day 1: Welcome to Reclaim Your Classroom!
  2. Day 2: The most valuable data tool in the world
  3. Day 3: What does “average” mean?
  4. Day 4: Your spreadsheet is a giant calculator
  5. Day 5: How to read a graph
  6. Day 6: How to create a graph
  7. Day 7: Working with data over time
  8. Day 8: See what you want to see
  9. Day 9: Are you outlying to me?
  10. Day 10: The dos and don’ts of data interpretation
  11. Day 11: Putting it all together
  12. Day 12: How will you use your new powers?
  13. Day 13: Share the data love
  14. Day 14: Graduation (that’s this page!)


  • I’m now a graduate of Reclaim Your Classroom, a free, online course for teachers.
  • I used to have to work for data, but now data works for me.
  • Take control of student data to Reclaim Your Classroom!

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