Day 11: Putting it all together

We now have some pretty incredible skills at our disposal. Let’s recap what we can do:

  • Input data into a spreadsheet
  • Calculate formulas like we’re Einstein
  • Filter data to pick out what we want to see
  • Graph data to make it easier to visually draw conclusions
  • Sort data alphabetically as well as numerically
  • Interpret data like a pro

We’ll put our skills together in this lesson. We’ll take a look at a spreadsheet and methodically use our new skills to make sense of it all. To get started, you know the drill; select your spreadsheet software here:

Google Spreadsheets
Microsoft Excel

Geeky Extensions

That fancy “E” we discussed earlier? You might know it’s really the Greek letter “sigma.” That symbol stands for “sum” and can be used to add up any data you want. Go add those 103 student exam grades grades together. Your spreadsheet can do it in a split second!


  • I am a spreadsheet ninja!
  • Summarize, graph, filter, sort, and interpret data? I can do that!
  • My new data skills will help me be a better educator.

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